As per geography, Philippines have a tropical marine climate having a rainy and summer season (thank you http://www.mongabay.com). And Filipinos are expecting to have a very hot atmosphere at the start of March. But what izzz thizzz? Raining all day?!?!?! I know how water (or you may call it rain) is important to all of us > the trees, the flowers, the angry birds… but we do have different likes and dislikes, so as for me, I really don’t like raining. It spoils my mood. Imagining the dark sky whenever I look up to find for a bright sunlight, the dull cold breeze embracing at the back of my spine and not to mention the mud it creates when the water drops over the calm soil. Additional to these observations, at any time the rain falls, crushing our roof, there goes brown out.

I’m not that updated if there’s typhoon going out here in our place. All I know is that every day the rain keeps on showing up even if summer should be getting us all. Instead of thinking for an outing (swimming, hiking or malling), I can’t do otherwise but to stay at home….and get stuck! 

Tuesday March 27, 2012

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