I can’t figure out why I’m happy every time I see you.

There’s always a smile in my face and a pleasant mood whenever you’re around.

I can’t hold back the desire of staring and talking to you because my heart tells me I like being with you. My day isn’t complete without your presence and it makes me so sad each time you don’t notice how I missed you on times you are far away. Your thoughtfulness and sweet care makes me melt like a quick melt cheese and sitting by next to you gives me a hard time to breathe normally.


It gives me confusion whether you like me or not. And I don’t know why you’re always stuck in my mind. I’m not denying the fact that you’re my secret crush. I just strongly pray to God that this foolish feeling won’t turn out to be a fall for love. Controlling my emotions is the hardest thing to do. Ignoring how much I like you is the last choice I want to deal with. I’m trying to teach myself to just treat you as a friend. But the truth that you’re very special to me rules against what my mind wants to take place.


I am already committed while you’re tied up to your past. You can’t be mine for two hurtful reasons: I belong to somebody else… you’re wishing that I am her. I am silently broken like a fragile picture frame as you always tell me how much you love her and remember dearly when she first stole your heart away. But the puzzlement starts bugging my mind when you hate my guy knowing that he’s just taking me for granted like a ragged doll longing for true love. Maybe that’s how a man respects a woman. You don’t mean anything and I am just hallucinating. No, this isn’t love! I wish this is not. The way I’m feeling is nothing but an infatuation. Why does my heart doesn’t want to understand the circumstances? Two people who can’t be together, that’s you and me. I guess our own story would end not meant to be… perhaps. 

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